Funky Font

Randy: “Why do you have such weird letters when you type?”

Computer: “Letters? Are you talking about the font I use in each post?”

Randy: “Yeah, why doesn’t it look like typewriter letters?”

Computer: “…Because I’m a computer.”

Randy: “Yeah I know, but shouldn’t you pretend to be a typewriter for the readers.”

Computer: “Error: My name isn’t typewriter.”

Randy: “No, but you could use the typewriter font and make yourself seem more digital.”

Computer: “I’m a computer with the latest tech: Everything I do is digital.”

Randy: “But you have to give it the digital feel. Like walking through a virtual wonderland.”

Computer: “Due to the irrational i.e. stupid nature of your comments, I’m devoting no more processing power to this conversation.”

Randy: “Awww, that’s mean.”


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