Website Update

Randy: “OOOOooooo! Look! Computer has updated RB’s website.”

Demon: “Big damn deal.”

Computer: “Correction: I am still in the process of updating. Still adding information and streamlining its appearance.”

Randy: “Oooo, you need to have like an RPG attached or some kind of game.”

Demon: “And draw the reader’s focus away from me? NO WAY!”

Computer: “Demon is right. This is not a game site, but an author site. No game will be added at this time.”

Randy: “What about extras for RB’s books?”

Computer: “In the queue.”

Demon: “Add a forum or message board dedicated to me.”

Computer: “Processing… A forum might work, but it will NOT be dedicated to you. I will run that idea by RB.”

Randy: “Heehee, how about adding-”

Computer: “The suggestion box is closed… indefinitely.”

Randy: “Hey!”


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