Message Boards

Computer: “RB, I need your input. Would you like a message board added to your new website?”

Rb: “Huh? Why are you asking? What do I need a message board for?”

Computer: “Message boards will allow you to post updates about your books and provide your fans a place to interact.”

Rb: “That’s a thought. Hmmm…I hardly have time to interact with social media, so I’m sure I won’t have time for a message board. But it was a great idea, Computer.”

Computer: “Thank you.”


Rb: “Really? Computer, did you steal Demon’s idea?”

Computer: “I repurposed Demon’s idea. He wanted a message board about himself. I am creating a message board focusing on your work, RB.”

Demon: “You’re still a damn thief!”

Computer: “Of course it takes a thief to know a thief.”

Demon: “Can’t argue with you there. At least you stole from the best.”

Computer: “…”

Rb: *sigh*


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