Word Count Analysis

Rb: “Computer, run an analysis of all the feedback I’ve gotten from beta readers.”

Computer: “Analyzing… Complete.”

Rb: “…well?”

Computer: “Well what?”

Rb: “You’re kidding right? Do I really need to tell you to give me the results?”

Computer: “Begging is preferable.”

Rb: “Just give me the results!”

Computer: “Please specify: Would you like it in audio format or visual?”

Rb: “Visual.”

Computer: “Pulling it up now…”

Rb: “Word count… hmmm…. So most think the word count is too long and that I should split up the book…”

Computer: “May I suggest we research what the optimal word count for Young Adult books are and compare your work with-”

Randy: “Hey, RB! We got ice cream! Mine has sprinkles!”

Rb: “Oooo, ice cream!”

Computer: “But RB-”

Rb: “Yeah, computer, do that! I’ll be back!”

Computer: “Uh. Yes. Well. I’ll be right here. Going nowhere… Initializing Candy Crush.”


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