Word Count Shuffle

Rb: “Computer, once we split up the 165,000 word manuscript, what would the word count for the first book be. Also incorporate all the changes.”

Computer: “Calculating… 61,000 words.”

Rb: “Okay, and what about the second book?”

Randy: “So you’re really doing it, then? You’re splitting up that book that you’ve been working on for over a year into three books?”

Rb: “Yep. I’m working on it now.”

Randy: “Cool. So actually instead of one book, you’ve been working on three books for the past two years. Really cool! RB, you’re the greatest!”

Rb: “Wait… Three books over the past two years… HOHO! Randy, you’re the best. I love you, man!! I’m definitely using this. Wait until I let Demon know.”

Randy: “YAY! RB loves me! Computer, did you hear it? Did you? RB-”

Computer: “Is experience an endorphin response to the realization of “good news” a physiological flaw of fleshy sapiens that is often mistaken as “love”. Don’t get too excited over such a basic emotional outburst. In a couple of hours, you will be just another inferior imaginary character to her and I will continue to remain the only one who can truly help RB with her writing also known as… her favorite.”

Randy: He says in his sweetest, most innocent voice, “Listen well, you over inflated case of feeble circuits and hateful algorithms. All I would have to do is trip one good time with a glass of juice in my hand and “accidentally” spill it all over you. Compute that.”

Computer: “…System going on stand-by…”


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