Word Count Revelation

Rb: “Technically, you lose.”

Demon: “No! I never lose.”

Rb: “Ohoho you do, buddy. You lose. All those times you harassed me about not having my book completed, means nothing now. I not only have a book finished, I had three finished.”

Demon: “Does not count, dammit!”

Angel: “What’s going on?”

Rb: “Remember those goals I kept setting and supposedly failed?”

Angel: “Yes.”

Rb: “Well, now that I’ve decided to split my book up into three, technically, I’ve met all my goals.”

Demon: “AFTER THE FACT!! You can’t claim it now.”

Rb: “There are no rules that says I can’t.”

Demon: “There are no rules that says you CAN!”

Rb: “Then its a gray area. Therefore its fair game. I met my goals. Yay!”

Demon: “Bullshit!”

Angel: “Question, RB, how many words per book is it?”

Rb: “… um….”

Demon: “Wait…wait… You fell short didn’t you? No, don’t leave! HOHO, this is great! Where are you going RB? I have to rub this in! Which book fell short? Or did all of them? OH, we’re not done here. And you’re not finished yet, MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Angel: “Ooops…”


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