2 Comes Before 1?

Rb: “I’ve finished the changes to book 2.”

Angel: “That’s great! But-”

Demon: “What the hell happened to book 1?”

Rb: “Still working on it.”

Demon: “How the hell can you finish book 2 before book 1?”

Angel: “Maybe the books are not reflecting chronological order.”

Rb: “No. They are.”

Angel: “Okay, now I’m confused.”

Demon: “Ditto! RB, please explain this shit to me.”

Rb: “Okay. So you know the book I wrote is being sectioned down into three books right?”

Angel: “Of course.”

Rb: “Well, I’ve done some thinking and want to add a book at the beginning of what I’ve already written.”

Demon: “NO! That means you still haven’t written book 1 yet!”

Rb: “Actually, I have written most of it. But I stopped to work on this. So once these 3 are out of the way and being edited, I will work to finish this book.”

Demon: “This is going to take forever dammit.”

Angel: “Be patient, Demon.”

Demon: “I DON’T DO PATIENT. Hell, I don’t even know the meaning of the word!”

Angel: *sigh*

Rb: “No worries. Shouldn’t take me long seeing as I’m not writing books as long as this one. But don’t expect me to give you too much attention. My work calls to me!

Demon: “Hell, now you’re hearing voices.”



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