Not So Helpful

Angel: “RB, to speed up the editing process, Demon and I have decided to help you with book 3.”

Rb: “That’s nice of you, Angel, but what’s in it for Demon?”

Demon: *gasp* “I’m shocked you would think such things about me! I am helping you out of the goodness-”

Rb: “Cut the crap.”

Demon: “Fine, hard-ass. I just want you to hurry up and finish so you can write a book that’s got more blood, cussin’, drugs, and sex. This damn series doesn’t have nearly enough of any of my favorite sins.”

Rb: “Okay, Angel, you can help me.”

Demon: “Alright, for starters, let’s just kill off the main character.”

Rb: “And that’s why I said Angel. Demon, go harass someone else.”

Demon: “What?!?! What?! You’re taking Angel’s help over mine. I’m too important to ignore. I am the shit! The one and only-”


Demon: “Did you just shut the door in my face? OH HELL NO!”



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