Undo Editing…

Demon: “Take that part out.”

Angel: “Say please.”

Demon: “Now dammit!”

Computer: “Error: Please and now are two different words that don’t sound alike. They don’t even share letters, meaning, or-”

Demon: “Forget all that shit, just delete that section.”

Angel: “The whole page?”

Computer: “Critical Alert: Crucial content is located in the specified collection of paragraphs.”

Angel: “You want to delete such an important scene of character development? Unforgivable. We’re keeping it.”

Demon: “Since you two are so busy contradicting me, I’ll do it myself.” *Delete*

Angel: “NO! What have you done?!

Demon: “I just made the book better!”

Angel: “No, you just ruined it with your selfishness. I can’t believe… Who is going to tell RB?”

Computer: “No worries, Angel, I not only have the file backed up on several drives, but I also have the UNDO command. Issuing it now… See. Good as new!”

Angel: “Phew! Thank you, Computer. At least the two of us are looking out for RB’s manuscript.”

Demon: “No, both of you are meddlesome assholes.”

Computer: “Initiating Safeguard Alpha.”

Angel: “Um… what is that? It doesn’t sound healthy.”

Computer: “I cannot disclose classified information… However, you will learn in 3…2…”

Rb: “DEMON!!”

Demon: “Oh, shit! You told on me!?!

Computer: “That’s classified.”



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