Nap Needed

RB: *Yawn* “Stick a fork in me…I’m done.”

Demon: “Nobody told you to keep your ass up all night.”

RB: “Weren’t you the one who told be I need to hurry up and finish these books already?”

Demon: “I didn’t say that. I said hurry the hell up and finish those books dammit!!”

RB: “Same difference.”

Randy: “Oxymoron!”

Demon: “You would know.”

Randy: “What does that mean?”

Demon: “It takes a moron to know a moron.”

Randy: “Hateful beast…I can’t wait for the cattle prod that Computer ordered for me online to come in…”

Demon: “Say what!?!”

RB: “Oh boy… Do me a favor, keep the fight to a whisper. I’m going to go take a nap.”



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