Break Time

Angel: “RB, you’ve been writing since early morning. I think you need to take a break.”

RB: “Cool. So what is everyone up to?”

Angel: “Randy’s in the refrigerator trying to escape the heat.”

RB: “HUH?!? The air condition is on!”

Angel: “Yes. I know… But this is Randy we are talking about.”

RB: “Right.”

Angel: “Demon is harassing some poor innocent soul. And as soon as I finish here, I’m going to go hunt him down and bring him home.”

RB: “I’m surprised he’s not harassing me.”

Angel: “Only because I’m guarding the door.”

RB: “Thanks Angel-”

Computer: *Beep* *Beep* “Time is up. Break’s over.”

RB: “What?”

Angel: “Well, get back to work. See you in a couple of hours, RB.”

RB: “But I just-”

Computer: “Initiating Lockdown. All exit points have been sealed. Please proceed.”

RB: “Seriously?!”



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