Protagonist Prospectus

RB: “Angel, have you finished reading the manuscript?”

Angel: “Yes.”

RB: “Ok, I need your input.”

Angel: “Oh, great! How can I help?”

Demon: “What the hell…? WHAT ABOUT ME?

RB: “You can’t help me right now, Demon.”

Demon: “Yes, the hell I can.”

RB: “We’ll fight later. Angel, tell me about my protagonists. I need to know if I should change anything?”

Demon: “Yuck, are we actually talking about the heroes?”

Angel: “Who is we? RB asked me.”

Demon: “Ha! You rhymed!”

RB: “Ignore him, Angel. Tell me what you think?”

Angel: “Your protagonists’ back story is clear. You have steady development. You evoke emotion and the need to cheer for him. You also make him stand out with a distinct personality. As long as you keep these qualities through all books, you will do well.”

Demon: “In other words, he’s boring. The good guys always are.”

RB: “Thank you, Angel. Demon-”

Demon: “Yes, yes, I know. Kiss your ass. Well news flash: I pucker for no one.”


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