Antagonist Analysis

RB: “Demon, you’ve looked over my manuscripts and met my antagonists. What are your thoughts?”

Demon: “Antagonist… just say villain. I like it better.”

RB: “Not all antagonists are bad.”

Demon: “What the hell ever. Your minor villains are badass. They get my thumbs up. But your main villain ain’t worth shit.”

RB: “Explain.”

Demon: “You’ve given him little personality. And hardly any presence. I barely know his motives. Hell, I like the minor villains because you know their purpose: serve the master and achieve their goals by any means necessary. I mean everything you hear about the main villain is mostly word of mouth.”

RB: “That shrouds him in mystery.”

Demon: “Shit, I want to see him bloody up some good guys. Let him unleash hell on the masses. He needs to bring the pain dammit!! If you’re going to destroy him in the end, he need to rock the damn house before he goes.”

RB: “….”

Demon: “What?”

RB: “Too much.”

Demon: “Never.”

RB: “So I should make him another minion instead of the mastermind?”

Demon: “Hell, are you listening? I think he’d be more menacing if he had less minions and did the dirty work himself. I mean, think about one of your favorite movies, the Usual Suspects. Why did you like the main villain so much?”

RB: “Because he was unexpected, involved himself personally in the plot from A to Z, and was freakin’ diabolical awesomeness!!”

Demon: “Exactly. And what about Joker. One of your favorite super villains.”

RB: “Totally different type of antagonist. You can’t compare Jokers brilliant insanity to this character who believes his intentions are pure.”

Demon: “Why the hell can’t I? They both have radical beliefs…a twisted mentality. Bring it out of your main character. Feed it until its fat with malicious goo. Make me love him for his wickedness.”

RB: “…I think I can do that. Thank you.”

Demon: “Shit, don’t thank me. DO IT!!


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