Define Awesomeness

Randy: “Rb?”

RB: “Yes, Randy.”

Randy: “How come you haven’t asked me what I think of the books?”

RB: “…um…well… I was getting to you.”

Demon: “Liar.”

RB: “Takes one to know one.”

Angel: “RB, you are better than that.”

RB: “Fine. So Randy, tell me your thoughts.”

Randy: “The first book is absolute awesomeness!”

Computer: “And that is why RB rarely asks your opinion. You have unbridled biased. You think everything RB does is awesomeness.”

Randy: “Because RB is awesomeness!!”

RB: “Ahhh, my very own cheerleader. Love it!”

Demon: “The idiot clearly knows nothing about awesomeness.”

Randy: “I do too!”

Demon: “Do not.”

Randy: “Awesomeness is not you. Awesomenss is RB.”

Demon: “Whoa! No the hell you didn’t say I wasn’t awesome. I AM THE SHIT!”

Angel: “Oh, so that’s what stinks.”

RB: “Ha!”


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