Follow The Rules, Or Else!

Angel: “Demon, I am not adding that!”

Demon: “I’m telling you death threats works, dammit!”

Angel: “You can’t do that. That’s criminal, and plus, you have to go by what the agent asks for.”

Demon: “So boring. Whatever. Just stick in a bio and-”

Angel: “A biography? Are you even trying to help RB get an agent?”

Demon: “But the last agent wanted a bio.”

Angel: “That was the last agent. This agent is different.”

Demon: “An agent’s an agent. It shouldn’t matter what we send.”

Angel: “With that mentality, RB will never get accepted. You have to respect each agent’s individual preference. If an agent doesn’t accept fiction, we cannot send them RB’s query letter. If an agent says they only want a query letter, we have to only send a query letter. If an agent wants the query, plus the first chapter-”

Demon: “Shit, I get it, I get it!”

Angel: “Good, otherwise, RB will only get rejection.”

Demon: “…really…”

Angel: “Demon…what…?

Demon: “I might have sent out some…threats.”

Angel: “Oh, no…no… Threats, Demon? Are you trying to get RB arrested?”

Demon: “Technically, they were more promises than threats. I mean I can back up every claim-”

Angel: “Are you crazy? RB is going to-”


Randy: “Somebody’s going to die! Somebody’s going to die!”

Demon: “Oh hell. Gotta go!”


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