The Extreme Response

RB: “Where is that Demon bastard?!?”

Randy: “Yes, let’s hang him!”

Angel: “He’s gone. Please calm down, RB. You should never act out of anger. Nothing good comes out of it.”

Randy: “Yes, RB, Angel’s right.”

RB: “One less demon in the world sounds good to me. It should be good for everyone.”

Randy: “Yes, true! Let’s hang him.”

Angel: “RB, let’s talk this over. I know you are displeased with Demon, but remember, he is…well…a demon. You know what he’s like.”

Randy: “Angel has a point. He is evil.”

RB: “He sent death threats to some agents and now I have the police at my door questioning me! ARE YOU FREAKIN’ DEFENDING THAT ASSHOLE?!”

Randy: “ARE YOU?!”

Angel: “No.”

Randy: “Angel would never-”


Randy: “Yeah, where?!”

Angel: “I’ll go calm down the police and explain everything. I will smooth this over and send apologies to the agents. Meanwhile, you stay here and read over the remaining query letters with Randy to make sure there is no more tampering before we send them out.”

Randy: “Yes, Angel. Okay, RB, so-” Smack! “Ow! What was that for?”

RB: “For being a wishy-washy. Now let’s get to work, and holler the first instance you see that Demon. I’ll have his sulfuric blood if it’s the last thing I do.”


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