Restraining Rejection Letter

Randy: “I GOT HIM!”

Demon: “Get off me you son of a bitch!”

Randy: “I even hog tied the bastard with Angel’s special rope.”

RB: “Good.” RB walks into the room and shuts the door. “Hello, Demon.”

Demon: “Uh…RB! It’s so nice to see you. Long time-”

Randy: “Cut the bullshit!” Randy smacks Demon.

Demon: “I will so kill-”

RB: “Silence.” She drops a stack of paper on the floor in front of his face. “Do you know what that is Demon?”

Demon: “Um, paper?”

RB: “Yes. Paper with every query letter you sent out that included death threats. Now,” She drops another stack of paper. “Do you know what that it?”

Demon: “More paper?”

RB: “Aren’t you cute… Yes, paper that the police brought by my house. THEY SERVED ME WITH RESTRAINING ORDERS!”

Demon: “Wow! That’s some rejection letter. That’s gotta suck. Why would you send death threats to-”

RB: “I didn’t you evil sick twisted creature. You did, and don’t even try to lie about it. Angel got you confession.”

Demon: “Snitch.”

Angel: “I heard that.”

Demon: “So?”

RB: “So, I’m exacting Divine Punishment.”

Demon: “….no.”

RB: “Yes. Angel, he’s all yours.”

Demon: “NO!”

RB: “Yes, yes, and yes.”

Randy: “Oooo, can I watch?”

Angel uncorks a vile of holy water and pours it on a long narrow glowing blade.

Randy: “Whoa…maybe not.”



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