Hook, Line, and Stinker

Randy: “Lollipops and cotton candy rock!!! Woohoo!! Yay!”

RB and Computer: “………….”

Randy: “Well? What do you think? Awesome right?”

RB: “That is the hook you wrote to put in my query letters?”

Randy: “Great isn’t it?!?”

Computer: “Warning: That hook is terrible, Randy.”

Randy: “What’s wrong with it?”

RB: “First of all, it has nothing to do with my book: Lollipops and cotton candy rock?! Are you high?”

Randy: “I think’s it’s perfect! The hook is supposed to grab the reader’s attention, right?”

Computer: “Affirmative: But-”

Randy: “And it’s supposed to be short and sweet, right?”

RB: “True, but-”

Randy: “Does it not jump out at you?!”

RB: “In all the wrong ways. It screams, IDIOT. I am trying to get my book recognized and published, not laughed at and thrown in the trash.”

Randy: *pout* “…it doesn’t scream idiot…”

Computer: “Correction: It screams inexperienced, childish, and unprofessional.”

Randy: “I like idiot better.”



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