Sleepy Synopsis

Computer: “And in summary the main character… RB? Randy? Are you sleeping? ALERT! ALERT!!”

RB: “Huh! What?”

Randy: “No, mommy, I don’t want to go to school.”

RB: “Um…Randy, I think we’re busted. Wipe the drool from your chin.”

Computer: “I am disappointed. I constructed this ten page synopsis for your query letter, the least you could do is pay attention.”

Randy: “TEN PAGES! No wonder I went to sleep! That’s longer than the book!”

Computer: “Error: That is incorrect. The book exceeds two hundred pages.”

RB: “I believe what Randy’s trying to say is that the synopsis for a query letter should be shorter not like yours — RIDICULOUSLY too long.”

Randy: “And boring. Use RB’s writing style, otherwise it just sounds like a computer wrote it.”

Computer: “You are trying to insult me aren’t you?”

Randy: “Yep! Is it working?”

RB: “I’ll just write the synopsis. Computer, research more agents interested in young adult fantasy. Randy-”

Randy: “Can I go poke at Demon’s wounds?”

RB: “By all means.”

Randy: “YAY!!!”


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