It Just Stopped!?

RB: “Computer, give me our current status.”

Computer: “Two books written. The first one is being edited and tested for approval. The second is being tested. The third is going through rewrites. Angel and Randy are revising your book submission material and Demon is still recuperating from his punishment… RB?”

RB: “…”

Computer: “Is something wrong?”

RB: “…………”

Computer: “Why are you just staring at your phone?”

RB: “The screen is not coming on.”

Computer: “Observation: Maybe the battery is dead.”

RB: “No, I have it plugged to the wall.”

Computer: “Reset it. Take the battery out and… Oh! You’re doing that.”

RB: “It’s…. It’s not coming on.”

Computer: “Could it be the battery is no longer functional?”

RB: “I just bought a new one a couple of months ago.”

Computer: “Solution: Plug it up to me and I will diagnose the problem.”

RB plugs her smart phone up to Computer’s USB port.

Computer: “Analyzing…………”

RB: “Well?”

Computer: “Nothing.”

RB: “Really? Nothing is wrong with my phone?”

Computer: “No…I’m getting no feedback from your phone…. It is dead.”

RB: “……..”

Computer: “RB?”



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