Ashes to Ashes….

Demon: “We are gathered here today….”

Angel: “Demon, please stop.”

Demon: “To mourn the loss of RB’s phone.”

Randy: “Boohooooooo!

Demon: “Phone lived a good long life….”

Computer: “Error: The phone is an inanimate object, therefore it never lived. This phone funeral is irrelevant.”

Randy: “But it had power and circuitry like you do. Are you saying you are not alive?”

Computer: “…….”

Demon: “Through the harshest of times, the phone has served RB, but now it has suddenly perished and joined the other departed phones in phone heaven.”

Angel: “Demon, this is inappropriate.”

Randy: “BoooHooHoo!! Oh, poor phoney!”

Angel: “Phoney?”

RB: “Hey Angel… What the-”

Angel: “Don’t ask.”

RB: “Okaaaaay. Well I’m going to the cellular store. Do you want to come with?”

Angel: “Yes. Please.”

Demon: “Ashes to ashes, circuits to circuits.”

Computer: “Why do I find this imagery disturbing?”





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