Between the Lines and Back Again

Computer: “RB, I’m submitting your first book to editors for the final polish.”

RB: “Cool!”

Computer: “Attention: You have incoming emails.”

Randy: “Ooooo! Look, RB, you have an email from Molly Keeton. Isn’t she the beta reader and book reviewer at Between the Lines and Back Again?”

RB: “Yep. Read it for me.”

Randy: “Okay………..”

RB: “Well?”

Randy: “Well, what?”

RB: “Argh! Read it out loud Randy!!”

Randy: “OH! She said, she liked the story… characters are good…. You need to work on the prologue.”

RB: “Stop Computer! Don’t send that book off to the editor yet!”

Computer: “Recalling submission.”

Randy: “Wow, Computer! You are good for something.”

Computer: “I wish I had hands so I can smack you.”

RB: “Computer, please send Molly a thank you email and also post a link to her site for others who are interested in her services.”

Computer: “Posting it now:


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