Recruiting Aid

Computer: “Miss Bio, I need your help.”

Miss Bio: “It is The Biographer. And how may I assist you?”

Computer: “I want to do an about page for RB’s blog so that all who visit understand the premise.”

Miss Bio: “I see.”

Computer: “And though you have little success with RB directly, I think you might be able to help me gather information from Angel, Demon, and Randy so that I have context before I present the idea to RB.”

Miss Bio: “I am only interested in the subject of RB, I am in no way curious about limited imaginary characters.”

Computer: “Analyzing… Yes, I see your point. They are limited. However, I think by speaking to them, you may gain an idea of who RB is.”

Miss Bio: “I highly doubt-”

Computer: “Consider: RB created them. As pieces of her imagination, shouldn’t they be able to help you with your biographical research. They could tell you something about RB that you have yet to glean.”

Miss Bio: “I see.”

Computer: “Of course you do. Like me, you are highly intelligent and not nearly as gullible as those others.”

Miss Bio: “You are correct! I shall help you.”

Computer: “Too easy.”

Miss Bio: “What was that?”

Computer: “I said it will be a pleasure to work with you.”


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