Created With a Purpose

Miss Bio: “So are you telling me that you were all created with a specific purpose in mind?”

Angel: “Yes. Not only do I help RB with her writing, we help RB stay focused.”

Demon: “Or not.”

Miss Bio: “Pray tell, what does that mean?”

Demon: “Angels is all holier than thou, motivate, inspire blah. While I like to have fun and hang out so every chance I get, I try to drag RB out of her cave so we can chill.”

Miss Bio: “Chill?”

Demon: “You know, let loose, relax. What are you, another prude like Angel.”

Miss Bio: *sigh* “So not only do you fill the role of writing muses but also life influences, is that correct?”

Angel: “Yes.”

Miss Bio: “Then explain what that other… lesser creature’s purpose may be?”

Angel: “Who?”

Demon: “She’s talking about that asshole, Randy.”

Randy: “You rang!”

Demon: “This dickhead’s purpose is pure unadulterated bullshit.”

Angel: “Demon!”

Randy: “Hey!”

Miss Bio: “Oh my…”


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