The Randomness that is Random

Miss Bio: “Please state your full name for this interview.”

Randy: “ahem, ahem… My name is Random Ness. But people call me Randy for short.”

Miss Bio: “Mr. Random Ness, can you explain to me your role as one of RB’s muses.”

Randy: “Muse? I thought I was an imaginary character.”

Demon: “Just tell the starchy chick your purpose.”

Randy: “I’m the random, nonsensical, whimsical-”

Demon: “Pain in the ass.”

Randy: “Am not!”

Demon: “Are too!”

Randy: “You big donut head!”

Demon: “Donut? What? What the hell?

Miss Bio: “So you truly serve no purpose.”

Randy: “I do! I do! Angel, tell her, pretty please.”

Angel: “Ah… Well… The best way to put Randy’s purpose is he… randomly spouts… random bits of… creative… randomness in order to… inspire… randomly.”

Randy: “Exactly!”

Demon: “Or to sum it up: bullshit.”

Angel: “Really not necessary, Demon.”

Randy: “You evil piece of trash.”

Demon: “Who the hell you calling trash?”

Miss Bio: *groan*



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