Tapping the Source

Miss Bio: “RB, can I have a moment of your time. Please.

RB: “Why?”

Miss Bio: “I just want to get some information about your blog.”

RB: “What about it?”

Miss Bio: “Why such a unconventional blog? It’s more dialogue and less…”

RB: “Less like a diary? I know, I wanted to do something different and yet fun.”

Miss Bio: “What about a complete storytelling experience with action, description, and narrative instead of just dialogue?”

RB: “I’ve thought of that, but as you know, if I start writing it like that, I might not stop. It will go on and on. I wanted something easy and simple to post. But in the future if I get more time I may actually convert it over.”

Miss Bio: “I see. Another thing, can you tell me about the books you are finalizing now?”

RB: “Oh, look at the time. Gotta go!”

Miss Bio: “So close…”


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