Brutal Truth

Demon: “So Miss Snooty Pants, why are you collecting all this damn info anyway?”

Miss Bio: “Computer and I are working on a project to inform the public about this blog.”

Demon: “Computer and you? So why are you doing all the work?”

Miss Bio: “Well, Computer has deduced that my interviewing skills with RB makes me the logical candidate.”

Demon: “Ha! All the questions you asked, Computer could have asked easily. The bastard just doesn’t want to get his non-existent hands dirty I’ll bet.”

Miss Bio: “I do not understand.”

Demon: “You’ve been duped.”

Miss Bio: “Come again?”

Randy: “Hoodwinked! Swindled! Bamboozled! Hornswoggled! Flimflamed! WOOHAHA!!”

Demon: “Shut the hell up, Randy, and go finish your Cheerios.”


Miss Bio: “I was tricked…? Not possible! I am an intellect of superior-”

Demon: “Trust me, Miss Nerd. As a master deceiver, I know a con when I see a con. Plus, even smart people can be absolutely, positively, stupid. Later Stupid!”

Miss Bio: “…….Angel, your assistance!”


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