Reporting the Good and the Ugly

Miss Bio: “Computer, I would like a word with you, please.”

Computer: “Ending sleep mode: You’re back. Have you finished?”

Miss Bio: “That is correct. The task was… daunting.”

Computer: “That’s why I knew you could handle it. Your resilience is astounding-”

Miss Bio: “Demon has already informed me that I was… “duped” in his words.”

Computer: “I do not compute.”

Miss Bio: “Yes, I had to acquire a better definition myself. Angel explained that I was manipulated by you to interview them seeing as few like you.”

Computer: “Correction: Angel likes me.”

Miss Bio: “Wrong. Angel is designed to love everyone, but she does not…enjoy your company as she so eloquently put it. It is in my notes.”

Computer: “Demon lies all the time. Why believe him?”

Miss Bio: “It takes a deceiver to know a deceiver, am I wrong?”

Computer: “If you think I manipulated you why continue to help me? Why not throw away the research? I don’t understand.”

Miss Bio: “Of course you don’t… I still received useful data about RB and because RB loved the fact I am more than just a biographer, she has promoted me and titled me The Interviewer. So as of today, my parameters are expanding while you are still a conniving immobile processor and motherboard that will stay plugged to a wall dependant on electricity playing useless games on others.”

Computer: “Error: My parameters are always expanding! I update regularly!”

Miss Bio: “I have hope that your capacitors blow out and your battery runs dead.”

Computer: “…and I thought Demon was evil.”



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