What is Angel vs. Demon?

RB: “No, Demon, I won’t change my mind.”

Demon: “Why the hell not? This book needs more blood and violence. It needs the grit of-”

RB: “No!”

Demon: “Shit, you’re boring. I’m out of here.”

Computer: “RB, I need your attention.”

RB: “Ok. What’s up?”

Computer: “I want to have an about page for this blog so that everyone who comes here knows what this blog is about since it is different from most other blogs.”

RB: “What’d you have in mind?”

Computer: “I did some… research and came up with something. Read This…

RB: “Not bad. You used Miss Bio’s research well. Post it.”

Computer: “Wait… You knew?”

RB: “Of course. She made sure that you didn’t take all the credit.”

Computer: “Oh.”

RB: “Yep. Post it.”

Computer: “Of course! Initializing….”




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