Title Not Included

Angel: “RB, why do you have tentative by the title.”

RB: “Still working on it.”

Demon: “What the hell do you mean you’re still working on it? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL WORKING ON IT?”

RB: “I didn’t like my first title, so I tabled it. Put it on hold…”

Angel: “You know we can’t submit these books to literary agents without a title.”

RB: “Yeah, but I can’t think of anything good.”

Demon: “Oh, for crying out loud. NOW IS NO TIME TO BE A DAMN PERFECTIONIST! Give me a freakin’ title!”

RB: “Easier said than done. A good title says a lot about a book. I can’t just put anything on it.”

Angel: “You know you’re trying too hard right?”

RB: “Are you agreeing with Demon?”

Angel: “Not really. You’re probably trying to make it too complicated. You do that you know.”

RB: “I know…”

Angel: “I think you should just go with something simple.”

Demon: “Just hurry up already! ARGH!!”


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