Title, Title, Everywhere

Randy: “Puddles of chocolate milk.”

Angel: “Ummm, no we can’t use that Randy.”

Randy: “Sparkly Glitterfest.”

Angel: “Not that either.”

Randy: “Born to be wild.”

RB: “That’s that name of a song, and plus its been over done.”

Randy: “Cupcakes and rainbows!”

RB: “Absolutely ridiculous.”

Randy: “Puppies like ice cream.”

Demon: “Shut the hell up, Randy!”

Randy: “Meany…”

RB: “Randy if you want to help, give me a book title that is…I don’t know, maybe, ABOUT THE BOOK.”

Randy: “Oh! I though Angel and Demon were trying to play some kind of word game.”

Demon: “Are you shitting me? You just jump in assuming!? IDIOT!”

Randy: “Yo mama.”

Demon: “I’ll give you yo mama!”

Randy: “Help!”

RB: *sigh*

Angel: “We’ll figure this out, RB… Without them.”


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