Something simple… Ah HA!!

RB: “YES!”

Demon: “Holy Hell, RB, are you trying to give me a damn heart attack?”

RB: “I’ve figured it out!”

Angel: “What?”

RB: “The name of my book. It was the only thing holding me back and I’ve finally got it! MUWAHAHAHA!!”

Demon: “About damn time.”

Angel: “That’s wonderful, RB.”

RB: “You were right, Angel. I needed something simple. And it works. Oh, does it work. Look!”

Angel: “I like it.”

Demon: “FINALLY!”

RB: “Alright everyone, time to send out submissions. Now that everything is ready, let’s get this project on the way.”

Angel: “I’ll get Randy and Miss Bio.”

Demon: “I’ll smash Computer.”

Angel & RB: “Demon!”

Demon: “Did I say smash?”


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