Should All Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Angel: “RB, you’ve been awfully quiet? How is everything going?

RB: “Have a lot going on…stuff on my mind. Nothing to worry about. I’m slowly getting back into the groove.”

Angel: “Well, with 2014 on its way out and 2015 minutes away you’ll have so many new exciting challenges, new ideas, and new inspirations. New possibilities.”

Demon: “New headaches and bullshit.”

Angel: “Not helpful…”

Demon: “I know. You’re welcome.”

Randy: “Look!!! It’s almost time! COUNT DOWN EVERYONE…3…2…1. HAPPY 2015!!! Should old acquaintance be forgot and never thought upooooooon!!”

Demon: “No, dumbass, just you should be forgot. Now shut the hell up!!”

Randy: “Ugh! You ruined Auld Lang Syne!”

Demon: “The hell I did. You ruined it with your sucky singing.”

Randy: “Did not!”

RB: “New possibilities, huh?”

Angel: “Ummm…well…Happy New Year?”

RB: “Right.”



  1. Cool thanks for that, what books do you read rb ? Fave authors I’m allways looking for books to read and I enjoy u books so good source

    1. I don’t know about being a good source, but I’ll try. I read a little of every kind of sci-fi/fantasy and action thrillers from adult to young adult so my list is varied. Its hard to find that book that grabs me. I used to be a big fan of Piers Anthony. James Rollins’ Sigma Six books are pretty good. I like John A. Flanagan’s Brotherband Chronicles. Kristin Cashore’s Graceling was good. Brent Week’s Night Angel Trilogy. I like David Drake and Octavia Butler. Most of what Orson Scott Card and Terry Brooks writes are good. I like David Baldacci’s thrillers. Karen Miller’s God Speaker trilogy is sitting here staring at me, but I’ll get to those after I’m done with what I’m working on. Those are just the ones that stick out in my mind and I’m so far behind on my reading list I don’t think I’ve read anything published more recent. *sigh*

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