Please Forgive the Absence…

Demon: “RB!”

RB: “What?”

Demon: “Don’t what me, dammit! Your blog needs your attention.”

RB: “Isn’t that what I have you and Angel for?”

Demon: “Yes, but-”

RB: “Dude, I’m in the middle of packing so that I can move and you’re not helping. So either work on the blog or help me pack.”

Demon: “We’re moving? Where? When? What the hell? How come I haven’t heard about this?”

RB: “I told all of you in January, however, you were busy ignoring me.”

Demon: “Because you are so easy to ignore.”

RB: “I so want to leave you here…”

Demon: “But you can’t I’m that evil half that balances you out.”

RB: “And the thorn in my ass that pisses me off.”

Demon: “My work here is done!”

RB: “No, it’s not. Grab a box and start packing.”

Demon: “Dammit!!”




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