Beware of Flying Boxes…

RB: “Randy, Demon, be careful moving that bookshelf, it’s heavy.”

Randy: “Aye, aye captain.”

Demon: “Shit, no saluting until after we’ve moved this bastard. It’s heavy.”

Randy: “You can handle it.”

Demon: “Just keep moving and stop blabbing.”

Randy: “I don’t blab…”

Angel: “Are they arguing again?”

RB: “Yep. I give it two minutes before my bookshelf is sitting on the driveway, and they are trying to kill each other.”

Angel: “Why not just hire professional movers?”

RB: “Hello? Cheap labor.”

Angel: “Yes, but you’ll save yourself a few headaches.”

RB: “I’d rather save money.”

Angel: “Are you sure you’re saving money? I think I just saw one of your boxes fly pass the window.”


Randy: “HELP!!

Demon: “You son of a bitch, don’t run!”

RB: “Demon! Put that down. No throwing my boxes! NO!!

Angel: picks up the phone and dials. “Hello? Is this Professional Movers Inc….?”


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