Running Interference

Demon: “Oh hell, look who’s coming?”

Randy: “Oh, it’s…oh…That’s the interviewer lady.”

Demon: “Annoying as hell is more like it.”

Randy: “RB is still trying to get herself grounded from the move, she doesn’t have time for any questions. What should we do?”

Demon: “Get rid of her.”

Randy: “You make it sound easy.”

Demon: “It should be for you, most people run when they see you coming.”

Randy: “Hey! That’s mean.”

Demon: “And true. So I’ll let you do your worse.”

Randy: “Worse?”

Demon: “Yes… hello Miss Interviewer?”

Randy: “Helloooooooooooo!”

The Interviewer: “Demon. Randy. Excuse me. I have work to do.”

Demon: “Hey Randy, doesn’t she look good enough to eat? Kind of like a…cupcake.”


The Interviewer: “Eep! Oh dear!”

Demon: “Too easy.”



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