The Normal Crazy

Angel: “Why is Randy running around Miss Interviewer?”

Demon: “Good question… I think it has something to do with her looking like a cupcake.”

Angel: “Cup… She looks nothing like a cupcake! Where did he get that idea?”

Demon: “Hell if I know.”

Angel: “The poor woman looks like she’s about to run away.”

Demon: “That’s the plan.”

Angel: “…plan?”

Demon: “Damn!”

Angel: “Demon, what are you two up to?”

Demon: “Getting rid of a nuisance before she reaches RB. You know, seeing as RB’s still getting uses to the new move and everything. Aren’t I nice?”

Angel: “By lying to me and making Randy crazier than normal.”

Demon: “No, Angel, that crazy is normal for Randy.”

Angel: “Okay you win that one.”

Demon: “Of course I do.”


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