Deceptively Sweet

Angel: “Demon, there are better ways to tell someone to come back later, instead of having Randy scream like a hyper child.”

Demon: “Yep, I could tell her to go to Hell.”

Angel: “No! Why would you…? Never mind. I’ll do it. Randy!”

Randy: “Angel! Yes, Angel.”

Demon makes kissy noises.

Angel: “Stop it,” she says to Demon before turning back to Randy, “Randy, can you tell RB that Miss Interviewer is here for her.”

Randy: “Wait… What? But…”

Angel: “Go on, Randy. I’ll make you a cupcake when you are done.”

Randy: “Cupcaaaaaakes!” he screams running off.

The Interviewer: “Thank you, Angel. I knew you were the sensible one in the group.”

Angel: “Yes, but you do realize that RB’s busy and doesn’t have time to chat. She’s still getting used to the move. Unpacking and adjusting, you know how it is. Why not come back?”

The Interviewer: “That is why I have arrived. It is necessary to update RB’s profile about her relocation. I want to inform the readers about-”

Angel: “Yes, I understand. But please wait until she’s more relaxed. Otherwise she’s likely to throw you to Demon. And you know how that will end.”

The Interviewer glances over at Demon who grins wickedly.

Angel: “So do we have a deal?”

The Interviewer: “Let me at least schedule an appointment for later.”

Angel: “You can try. But by now, RB has already left the premises.”

Demon: “Oh, shit! That’s why you had Randy go tell her Miss Interviewer was here. And you say I’m diabolical!”

Angel: “That’s not diabolical, Demon. That’s smart.”


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