When All Else Fails

The Interviewer: “Well, since RB has disappeared. I am authorized, with her permission, to interview you all in her absences.”

Angel: “Excuse me?”

Demon: “Damn, double damn. I should’ve known there was a reason RB gave you a new title. DAMN!”

Angel: “Demon, please, the language.”

The Interviewer: “My first question is-”

Angel: “Wait… I-I’m not sure-”

Demon: “Randy! Get your ass back here!”

The Interviewer: “Why did RB move? How did the process go? Is this just temporary?”

Angel: “Well, I don’t think RB wants us to reveal-”

Demon: “Randy!”

The Interviewer: “I believe I saw him running after an ice cream truck.”

Demon: “Shit!”

Angel: “Demon, please-”

Demon: “As you wish. Interviewer chick.”

The Interviewer: “My name is-”

Demon: “Shut the hell up and listen. Nobody wants you here. Nobody cares. And nobody is going to answer your shitty questions. Now get your ass out of here before I verbally melt your ears off with the strings of cuss words I soooo want to unleash.”

The Interviewer: “I see… Good Day.”

Angel: “…….”

Demon: “And this is where you thank me.”

Angel: “I didn’t ask you do that.”

Demon: “You said please.”

Angel: “I wanted you to stop cussing.”

Demon: “Oh. Hell, that’ll never happen.”

Angel: “Obviously.”


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