Accessing File…

Computer: “Demon, you are not authorized to access RB’s email.”

Demon: “Whatever, just log me on.”

Computer: “Access Denied: All usage permissions must got through RB.”

Demon: “Dammit, Computer, do I need to go get a cup of water and douse you with it?”

Computer: “Analyzing. Access granted. You may proceed.”

Demon: “That’s what I thought.”

Computer: “What are you looking for anyway?”

Demon: “RB has been so busy moving and adjusting, she rarely has time for email, I’m just making sure she’s not ignoring some great opportunity to make me famous…I mean a book deal.”

Computer: “RB checks her email on her phone regularly.”

Demon: “What!? Then why hasn’t she mentioned any feedback from any literary agent.”

Computer: “As you say, RB’s been busy. However, if I recall, there was one email…

Demon: “Don’t hold out on me you useless box of circuits. Show me or I’ll skip the cup of water and just pee-”

Computer: “Accessing file…”

Demon: “Oh, its from… wait… WHAT THE HELL!?”


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