Not the First. Not the Last

RB: “Why is Randy crying? Demon, what did you do?”

Demon: “Why the hell do you think it was me?”

RB: “You’re usually the cause.”

Randy: “I’m so sorry, RB! I didn’t know.”

RB: “Know what?”

Angel: “Demon found out about the rejection letter you got from a literary agent.”

RB: “That’s all?”

Demon: “That all? I’m furious! This is my future we’re talking about. RB you should be devastated! You should be crying and depressed. I wanna see tears, dammit!”

RB: “You do realize this ain’t my first rodeo, right?”

Angel: “I’ve been trying to tell them-”

Randy: “What do you mean?”

RB: “I just moved because of a new job. Do you know how many times I applied for jobs and got rejected before I was accepted. This one rejection is nothing compared to years of rejections from job hunting. So calm down. And brace yourself for more.”

Randy: “NOooooooooooooooooo! I don’t want anymore!”

Demon: “Damn right! I refuse to except anymore.”

RB: “Since I’ve moved, I’ve barely had time to write, and they are worried about rejections?”

Demon: “I will not stand for this!”

Randy: “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

RB: “Okay, I’m leaving. Angel, are you coming?”

Angel: “Please!”


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