When it Rains it…

RB: “Demon! Demon!”

Randy: “OOOOOO, you’re in trouble.”

Demon: “Put the video game on pause Randy and shut the hell up.”

RB: “Demon!”

Demon: ” ‘Sup.”

RB: “Why did you scribble this crap all over my manuscript?”

Randy: takes the paper and reads “This scene sucks. Where’s the sex? Where’s the blood?”

Demon: “I was just helping you with your writing since you have been so busy. No need to thank me. I even rewrote some of the scenes for you so that you have more death and destruction. With this, no agent in their right mind would reject you-”

RB: “You…you…Rewrote….?”

Randy: “You’re going to die. HAHAHAHAHA!”

Demon: “Why the hell is that funny?”


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