Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Angel: “RB, you seem frustrated lately. What’s going on?”

RB: “Learning to adjust, that’s all.”

Angel: “You can speak freely, Demon isn’t here to butt in.”

RB: “Ok… I find I need to speak more, talk to people more than I’m used to and I’m often at a loss for words or can’t quite find the right words.”

Angel: “I see.”

RB: “When I get frustrated or confused, I often stay quiet instead of express myself because I don’t know what to say in certain situations and I probably come off as aloof.”

Angel: “Of course. Makes since.”

RB: “How so?”

Angel: “RB, did you forget? You’re a writer not a talker. Write it out.”

RB: “Oh.”

Angel: “Not everyone has a gift for the spoken word. And I believe there are enough people talking in the world and not enough people listening. You listen. You write. Those are your strengths. Be patient and don’t force your speech. You’ll be fine.”

RB: “Thank you!”

Angel: “You’re welcome.”

Demon: “Who needs words when you can use actions. I say blow everything to hell.”

Angel: “Where did you come from?”

Demon: “Heh, can’t get rid of me that easily.”

RB: “Unfortunately.”


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