A New Year Dawns

Angel: “RB, are you ready for the new year?”

RB: “Sure. Why not?”

Angel: “Any regrets?”

RB: “A few. Mostly the regret that I didn’t keep up with my blog.”

Angel: “Well no worries, leave that all in the past and embrace the new year.”

Demon: “Oh, Hell NO! RB needs to suffer! I’ve given you plenty of ideas for this blog and you shot them all down!”

RB: “Each idea centered around you. So yeah, I shot them down-”

Randy: “With a fully loaded semi-automatic rifle. Bang!”

Demon: “Shut up, Randy! Well just so you know, I’m considering branching off and doing my own blog. You’ll miss me then.”

RB: “Doubt it.”

Demon: “You will, dammit! I refuse anything less.”

Angel: “So… RB do you have any expectations for the new year?”

RB: “I expect great things!”

Demon: “And we refuse anything less! I demand greatness!”

RB: “Well…on that we can agree.”

Randy: “Greatness!!”


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