New World Order

Randy: “RB! I don’t wanna be fired! Please don’t make me leave! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

RB: “It’s fine Randy, I’ll settle this. So calm down.”

Randy: *sniff* “Okay.”

RB: “Demon, start talking.”

Demon: “About what?”

RB: “Angel told me you’re firing everyone.”

Computer: “Correction: Everyone except me who he threatened with a water hose if I don’t call him lord and master.”

Demon: “Damn, snitch.”

RB: “Well?”

Demon: “Well, all you really need is me. I’m the only high point in your life. So I was just helping you get rid of the riffraff. I mean, how many of them actually give you useful help on your writing? None are as helpful as I.”

RB: “You’re right, Demon. You’ve done far too much. So I think you need a vacation. Later.”

Demon: “What?”

Randy: “I believe…YOU’RE FIRED, ASSHOLE!!!”

Computer: “About time.”

Demon: “Wait…what the hell? You can’t fire me!”


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