Plan XYZ

RB: “Okay, you guys, I’m making some changes. First thing’s first, since my plan A with the literary agents didn’t go through, I’m going to plan B.”

Randy: “Plan B! Plan B! What’s plan B?”

Angel: “To appeal directly to publishers.”

Randy: “GO PLAN B!”

Computer: “And if that doesn’t work, plan C, Indy publish again.”

RB: “So with that said, Angel, I need you and Computer to comb through my manuscript and make sure there isn’t anything that needs changing. Computer you will take on Demon’s role with an antagonistic approach, and Angel-”

Demon: “To hell with that!”

RB: “Why are you still here?”

Demon: ” ’cause.”

RB: “….?”

Demon: “I want my job back.”

Angel: “What’s the magic word?”

RB: “Oh, this I gotta hear.”

Demon: “….um….”

Randy: “I think he should apologize first! APOLOGIZE!”

RB: “Even better.”

Demon: “Dammit. Yeah, yeah, sorry and please.”

RB: “Fine, you can return.”

Demon: “Whatever.”

Angel: “You know he didn’t mean it.”

RB: “Yeah, I know.”


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