A Lot of Ugly or Very Little Beauty

The Interviewer: “Do you realize that in one day, RB can write 10,000 words? That’s astonishing!”

Demon: “That’s shit.”

The Interviewer: “How can you say something so disparaging?”

Demon: “Easy. That’s shit.”

Angel: “What I think Demon is trying to say is-”

Demon: “That’s shit.”

Angel: “That 10,000 words doesn’t mean much if they have no order. You can write 10,000 words on a piece of paper and it mean nothing. The hard work comes in when giving those words meaning and bringing that meaning to life in a story. I’m sure RB would rather have a few good meaningful sentences than have a multitude of empty paragraphs.”

Demon: “Did I ask for a damn interpreter? My version sounded better and less winded.”

The Interviewer: “Angel was speaking to the more intellectual crowd. They do not want to hear such base drivel.”

Demon: “You’re shit.”

Angel: “And yet, I prefer a lot of pretty words over Demon’s few words.”


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