Few Rewards

The Interviewer: “I did a little research and learned that most writers and authors find little success in the craft of writing.”

RB: “True.”

The Interviewer: “Does that include you?”

RB: “Not really.”

The Interviewer: “But you are a little known talent, with a very small readership. Doesn’t that bother you?”

RB: “It depends on what you consider successful. If you are basing my success on what the big name authors who have publishing companies backing them are making, then yep, I ain’t successful. However, if you base success on personal goals, then yes I just might be successful.”

The Interviewer: “So you’re saying, to base success on personal goals not popular opinion.”

RB: “I say take your successes where you can get it.”

The Interviewer: “Your vagueness always astounds me.”

RB: “Fine. Yes, I used to believe success would be becoming one of those big names with huge money-making contracts. But as I learn and grow as a writer, doing what I love, I re-evaluated my definition of success. Yes, I would still love to have the publishing contracts with cash advances for my books, but I believe if one person buys my book, that’s a success. If that same person reads my book and likes it, that is a major success. And when that person wants me to write more…well that’s a huge success.”


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