Why Do It?

The Interviewer: “RB, why do you do so much writing if its so much work with so little reward.”

Demon: “Damn, you’re dense. Because RB loves that shit.”

The Interviewer: “Yes, everyone knows. But this is hardly an answer. And plus I was asking RB. So RB, why do you love to write?”

RB: “Have you ever had a dream that when you wake up the next morning, it lingers with you the whole day?”

The Interviewer: “Yes. I have.”

RB: “By the end of the day, were you tired of thinking about it and you just wanted it out of your head?”

The Interviewer: “Maybe. What are you hinting at?”

RB: “I walk around with daydreams in my head daily, hourly. Worlds. Lands. People. Scenes so vivid that I have to write them down or they collide and grow and become bigger and bigger. But while I like the things I imagine. I also like to see them grow up.”

The Interviewer: “I beg your pardon?”

RB: “I love taking what swims around in my head and making it almost real. By writing them, I can shape them and mold the ideas into more than just dreams. I can give it a kind of reality. Like giving birth and watching a child mature. Of course, that is just symbolism, but the concept is similar.”

The Interviewer: “Profound.”

RB: “Not really. But thank you.”


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