What is Angel vs. Demon?

Everyone has a metaphorical angel and demon sitting on their shoulders directing their moral or immoral decisions.
When it comes to writing R. B. Holbrook’s good and evil side sprout legs and spring forth from the imagination to guide the flow of the creative process. Whether it’s Angel or Demon, they breathe life into Rb’s work… when they’re not fighting each other.

Meet the Cast:

Randomness AKA Randy
The Interviewer formally known as Miss Bio (The Biographer)

Computer: “Initializing Greeting: Hi. Hello. Bonjour. Hola. I am RB’s Computer the editor of this site and just one of many of the imaginary characters created by R. B. Holbrook you’ll notice gallivanting around here. While each one of us is tasked with specific duties, we often interact with each other, to allow you an on going story, granting you access to see what’s really going on in the author’s head.

“Now I would like to introduce to you a few of the character’s you’ll run into. First off of course, I have to spotlight the stars of R.B.’s supernatural writing blog Angel vs. Demon, where the author’s internal writing conflict comes to life and battles it out for all to see.

“Angel is the good, helpful, angelic side of writing. She tries to give good writing tips while motivating R.B. to do her best. She is the voice of reason.

“Then there is the crude, rude, foul-mouthed Demon. He’s the harsh critic and evil villain specialist who often tries to make the story take a dark, evil twist. Rarely seeing eye to eye, Angel and Demon’s constant clash brings new adventures to RB everyday.

“The next person you’ll run into is Random Ness, or Randy. He’s the person (moron) that floats around the website helping shower the reader with random bits of information (often useless information). He occasionally (rarely) gives RB useful advice and often adds new life depths (idiocy) to Angel’s and Demon’s interactions. Sometimes you may catch him helping (annoying) me. You can blame him for the random changes to the website. He always does it without asking my input *Grrrr*.

“Next is R.B.’s biographer and interviewer, The Interviewer formally Miss Bio The Biographer. You’ll mostly find this proper lady over at ABOUT RbH. The relationship between these two is a unique conflict of head-butting destruction. Honestly, RB makes The Interviewer’s job very difficult sometimes…

“These are just the main imaginary characters you’ll see around the website, not mentioning the elite main characters in R.B.’s books (you’ll have to read the books to get to know the elite). And don’t be surprised if other minor imaginary characters appear out of nowhere and try to take over… With R.B.’s unruly imagination, anything is likely to happen.

“The last person you MUST know about is… MY SELF! I am Computer, RB’s computer, and the one she interacts with the most in order to put down her ideas and stories. Of course, it goes without saying that out off all the imaginary characters R.B. has created, I am her favorite-”

Demon: “Like hell you are! Everyone knows I’m R.B.’s favorite. Hell, I’m everybody’s favorite.”

Randy: “No, I am! I’m perfect. And adorable and-”

Computer and Demon: “Annoying!”

Angel: “You all, let’s not fight about this. It shouldn’t matter who-”

The Interviewer: “I spend a lot of time with her, so I think I must be the favored among-”

Demon: “Ha! YOU? R.B. tries to ignore you. So of course you’re her least favorite.”

Angel: “Please. It’s not a good idea to fight about this-”

Randy: “I’m not annoying! ”

RB: “WOULD YOU ALL SHUT UP!?! I’m trying to write here. Me and my accursed imagination…”